Monday, January 9, 2012

Shanty Raised

Saturday morning, having crammed our shanty into the moving van, we prepared to depart to Medicine Lake. The cabinetry, the sign, and everything else went in Jon's truck.

We used our floor sections as sleds, loading them with lumber and tools and skating them out over the ice to our new home on the lake.

Assembly begins! MC, Jon and John attached the floor.

We enjoyed blue skies, 45 degree weather and no wind. Not great for the ice, but a perfect day for building.

Raising the walls and screwing them into place went quickly.

The roof went on almost without a hitch.

But one of our rafters bowed, so Jon walked the roof, while Jeff screwed it down.

MC and the Jo(h)ns cut some internal posts by hand on the ice.

Why, hello there.

Four walls and a roof!

Emerging from the chrysalis.

By Sunday night, 12 of the 20 shanties were installed on the lake.

Almost done! Our shingle is hung.

We'll post more photos of the interior when our presses are installed.

It was a perfect weekend for an install. We couldn't have done this without Jon Peterson, our foreman and carpenter. We'll see you out on the ice, starting next Saturday, the 14th.

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