Monday, January 23, 2012

Volume 2, Issues 1-2 now available online!

Our second weekend came and went, and it's going way too fast! We had over 3500 visitors this weekend, and we published 46 more tweets, form submissions and messages in bottles. One thing that has become obvious is that we have no recognizable editorial signature. We're interested in the sublime, the grotesque and the mundane. We want to capture the breadth of content of social media and the intimacy of what happens in a highly local, environment-dependent event with both participating artists and visitors.

What happens when we juxtapose an overheard conversation in Dublin with an ongoing snarky fight between a dance shanty and a fashion shanty, a string of genetic code pulled from a message in a bottle frozen in the ice, poetry and observations from NYC, Iowa City and Tuscaloosa, a monster advice column, haikus from art-car creators, an ice condition report from Oshkosh, and a recommendation for some great carne asada in St. Paul? We don't know yet, but we hope to figure it out by our 9th and final publication.

Check out our fourth and fifth issues below. See if you or someone you know has been published:
Shantyquarian 2-1 Saturday 1-21

Shantyquarian 2-2 Sunday 1-22

We've added a Published Issues tab above , which will eventually link to all 9 issues of The Shantyquarian

Follow @shantyquarian on Twitter. Tag your tweets with #shantyQ to get published on an old-fashioned press on the ice.

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